SPOKANE, Wash. – KREM 2 helped the American Red Cross raise more than $50,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Help 2 Harvey campaign started on August 27. We started seeing the images of Harvey and the terrible devastation of families losing everything. We knew at KREM 2 we needed to reach out to our community partners.

KREM 2 first teamed up with Rosauers and held an evening event. Over a three hour time period, we raised nearly $4,000. People brought in change, to larger checks and it began to add up.

Then, STCU collected money throughout the week. Members donated fast and the money was beyond generous. KREM 2 met with STCU Thursday to receive a check for more than $31,700.

KREM 2 also stopped by Rosauers because people continued to donate throughout the week, giving as they walked through the check-out line. Rosauers presented Help After Harvey with a check of more than $14,000.
All of the money given to the Red Cross is earmarked specifically for Harvey victims. The majority of those families impacted by Harvey are living in Texas.

Here’s a breakdown of how money will be spent:

$2 provides snacks at a shelter or mobile feeding station

$5 provides a blanket at those Red Cross shelters

$50 will help provide diapers, wipes, and formula for an infant during a crisis.

$5,000 helps cover the opening or repairing a shelter and housing 150 people with breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleeping arrangements and comfort kits.

Many of you have asked us, “What about the Northwest? Are we working with the Red Cross on serving the people impacted by wildfires?” The answer is yes. The Red Cross is monitoring and working the situation here in the northwest to insure that they are ready if needed at a greater level. KREM 2 is keeping in touch with the local Red Cross on a daily basis to make sure we are ready to respond as well. As of now, much of the fire is burning in unpopulated areas and has not had a dramatic impact on major populations. However, that can change and KREM 2 will be ready to mobilize if necessary.