SPOKANE, Wash. -- Despite promises that the old Trade Winds Motel would be reopening as a new, remodeled Howard Johnson's, that has not happened.

In fact, the opening date has been pushed back several times and the project has gone over budget by more than $1 million.

On Monday, the developer said he is confident the hotel will be open by March.

So why the delay? For starters, it is not even going to be a Howard Johnson's anymore. Weeks before the anticipated opening, the developer struck a deal with the corporation that owns the Howard Johnsons. He said they both agreed that the property did not fit the look or identity of Howard Johnson's. They decided to make it into a Baymont Inn instead.

While more upscale than the Howard Johnson's, rebranding this property into the Baymont came with its challenges. That's because the Baymont has a completely different look and feel. As a result, the building needed to be remodeled again to fit the look of Baymont.

Branding aside, there were also major money issues that delayed work. Construction proved challenging in itself because this building is a historic structure, meaning crews had to work extra carefully to preserve the structure. All these things combined led to quite the delay.

The developer said he hopes to have all the work done on the building by the end of 2017.