SPOKANE, Wash. -- Usually when someone is stopped by police on the road it is for something like speeding or a broken light.

Police stopped a man and woman for something you do not typically hear about: Walking on the wrong side of the road. It turns out, they both had a warrant for something else and were arrested for that. Spokane Police said they often catch criminals who have outstanding warrants because they made a small mistake in the first place.

Officials said Victor Oles and Charlene Peterschick were walking the wrong way against traffic in an area that did not have a sidewalk. Police said they were stopped by law enforcement initially though for "failing to face approaching vehicle traffic with no sidewalks provided.” Once officers ran their names, they found out Oles and Peterschick had warrants. This is something police say happens all the time.

“People get arrested on outstanding warrants that they didn't take care of, all the time for doing just the simplest of things,” said Spokane Police Officer John O’Brien. "You would think that you would follow the law to a T, but we're all human, so we make dumb mistakes. The thing is sometimes the people that have these charges outstanding, they make more dumb mistakes than some people do."

It is not just mistakes that get people caught. Police said they often respond to a crime and the victim ends up getting arrested. This was the case recently for a man who had his house broken into. He ended up getting arrested after deputies suspected he was dealing methamphetamine out of his home.

Police said if people would just take care of their original charges, they would not end up with warrants and need to continually look over their shoulders.

Oles and Peterschick made their first court appearance on Monday afternoon. Oles is being held on $4,800 bond. Peterschick is being held on $3,050 bond.