SPOKANE, Wash --- Hundreds of people gathered for Sam Strahan’s memorial on Saturday afternoon.

Strahan was killed on September 13 at Freeman High School after he confronted a gunman. At the memorial service, his bravery was not lost on anyone.

Sam's mother, Ami, delivered an emotional eulogy during the service.

"Sam allowed me to snuggle him and to hug him and to hold him and I...I was very lucky. what I would say to Sam, and what I would say to anybody, I just ask that everybody just love one another and be good humans. Be good humans," Amy said.

Many students from Freeman High School were in attendance. One of those people was a girl who wrote a song for Sam and performed it at the service.

"It was...I'm honored to be there just be able to be invited by the family and to share Sam's memory with them all ...it was amazing," said Jenna Johansen.

Law enforcement had a large presence at the memorial with plenty of first responders too. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) showed up as well. McMorris Rodgers said the memorial was a beautiful tribute, and called Sam’s death “a heartbreaking loss.”

“I don’t think there are ever words to describe losing someone so young. I think the ceremony was beautiful though. And having Skipper here was nice. Having a dog to lean on for support,” said one memorial attendee.

The program for the memorial mentioned several things that Sam liked to do in his free time, like cooking. And like other teenage boys he like playing video games, Gameboy and Nintendo specifically.

The family hopes that losing Sam like they did becomes a catalyst for change in the community.