SPOKANE, Wash.—The Mead School District is pushing two measures for the February 2018 ballot.

The school district will have an enrichment levy renewal and a facilities bond for people to vote on.

According to the Mead School District the levy would fund athletics, band, choir, debate, drama, orchestra and STEM programs. The bond would help fund a new middle school for grades sixth through eighth, a new elementary school, and more.

Mead School District Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Rockefeller said the school district had a great track record for getting levies and bonds passed.

Rockefeller said growth was a big factor on why the school was putting the levy and bond forward.

“As a region, all of Spokane has grown, and the school district is an attractive place for parents to send their kids,” said Rockefeller.

School administrators said that if both the bond and levy are approved, the amount people would pay in school taxes would go down nine percent.

School officials said the current levy rate is $4.01, but under the new Washington state school funding formula and the levy renewal, the rate would drop to $1.50 per $1000.

More information about the levy and bond can be found on the school district’s website.