SPOKANE, Wash.--- Workers with the Martin Luther King Junior Family Outreach Center on the Lower South Hill spent Wednesday dealing with water in their basement. Last night, the center put out a call for volunteers to help salvage books and supplies.

The center has experienced a bit of water in their basement before, but not so much that you could splash around. Freda Gandy, executive director of the center, said the flooding started Tuesday and it has already caused some damage to the furnace.

"Usually the sub-pump can handle it, but the constant rain and the tremendous amount of snow we got over the winter - it's just unable to keep up,” Gandy said.

United Way volunteers and staff loaded boxes of children’s books and toys into a storage pod outside the center.

"It's a small office! There's less than 20 of us, so when we can get at least five that's a good turnout,” Leah Horton, a United Way staff member, said.

While the volunteers and center staff were able to salvage most of the children’s items, Gandy said the center is expected to close Thursday due to the water damage to their furnace.