SPOKANE, Wash. – The man who survived being hit by a car on North Division Street Friday has a long road to recovery.

Clay Brock is in bad shape. He will be in intensive care for at least the next several weeks. Since the accident, he has largely been unconscious. When he does come around, he will be faced with learning that his fiancé died trying to save his life.

"He’s just this handsome softy," said his friend Jessica Kovak.

Clay Brock may be a soft-spoken, low-key guy but his closest friends will tell you he also has a fire inside of him. They said he is a determined fighter and a proven survivor.

"His intentions are always good, but when you're fighting the battle, it's hard," said Jessica

Mike and Jessica Kovak worked with Brock as part of Spokane's Blessings Under the Bridge Program. They said he struggled with homelessness and alcoholism for much of the past decade. Beyond a roller coaster ride of hardship, they say he has remained humble throughout it all.

"So soft and gentle. Would give you the shirt off his back," Mike said.

In the summer of 2017, he found success. Brock sobered up and found a home, with Michelle Purkey, who was the love of his life.

"She was very protective of Clay. Kind of like mother bear," Jessica said.

That may explain what happened Friday. Brock and Purkey crossed Division Street when a car plowed right into him. Purkey sprang into action to help him. That is when she was hit by another car and died at the scene. Brock was left in a virtual coma.

"To see where he's at right now, I have faith that he'll come through," Mike said.

So much happiness and a true turning point that has now been cut short. At this week's Blessings Under the Bridge, his friends signed a giant get well card for him. The hope being that this true fighter, will have it in him to battle his biggest obstacle yet.

Neither driver in this case has been charged or arrested. Police said the investigation is ongoing.