SPOKANE, Wash. – High school basketball teams all across the country are battling it out for state titles.

Many of those battles are playing out in the Spokane Arena for State B basketball.

But, the tournament isn’t just about the players. Tom Benzel has been keeping score at this tournament for the last 30 years.

"You know you look forward to it every year," said Benzel. "Just the games and the camaraderie with the people you're working with, a lot of people have been working here for many years also."

From announcers to score book keepers to clock runners, there are about 50 to 55 people who work the tournament each year. They have on average about 25 to 30 years experience working the tournament.

So Benzel is in good company, which includes his wife Tracy, who he met at this very tournament years ago. The State B tournament has brought Benzel a lot of happiness and it’s unclear when he’ll put up the book for good.