SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Spokane Valley deputies arrested James S. Huber, 43, for indecent exposure Saturday morning. Spokane Valley Police Department reports Huber attempted to resist arrest and spit in the face of a deputy.

Spokane Valley deputies responded to the area of Mansfield and Mirabeau Parkway on reports of a male exposing himself to a female. The victim stated she was walking her dog when she heard a noise. As she moved away, Huber dropped his shorts, exposed himself and began masturbating.

According to the report, Huber refused to answer questions, remained belligerent, cussed at deputies and continued to tell deputies to leave.

Huber attempted to resist arrest but deputies were able to gain control and apply handcuffs. While walking towards the patrol cars, Huber spit on a deputies face. A spit hood, or a mesh hood, was placed on Huber to prevent further attempts to spit on deputies.

He is charged with felony indecent exposure and third degree assault. He has had a previous indecent exposure conviction.