SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane County judge ruled Monday the man accused of cutting out his wife’s tongue and beating her until she was unconscious is competent to stand trial.

Vladimir Palvik, 61, told investigators this time last year he had wanted to stop her from talking back to him.

Pavlik told a translator in his native Russian that he beat his wife with a tire iron on Oct. 5 until she was motionless on the floor, then cut out her tongue with a kitchen knife.

Pavlik explained to the translator that his wife had been using her “tongue from Satan” or her “Devil’s tongue” to curse him. Pavlik told the translator, according to court documents, he had ill will towards the victim because he believed she did not do her fair share of work as part of their janitorial business. Pavlik said to the translator that he did what he did as a sign to other women that they needed to not mock men the way that the victim had been mocking him.

He was previously charged with attempted first degree murder.

That was a year ago, but the case has yet to go to trial. Pavlik had to undergo a mental health evaluation, to prove he understands the charges he is facing. His trial is now set for the end of November.