SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A man is accused of trying to lure children at Horizon Middle School in Spokane Valley Tuesday afternoon.

Jacob Ellison, 26, was charged with child luring and was booked into the Spokane County Jail.

A girl told deputies she was on the field at the school around 6:00 p.m. when Ellison began to call for her saying, “Hey baby! Hey baby come here,” according to court documents. She said she turned around to face away from Ellison and called for her again saying, “Baby get over here! Come with me to the parking lot!”

According to court documents, the girl’s dad told Ellison to leave his daughter alone and he started to walk toward him. The girl said she then ran toward the baseball field and Ellison began to walk to the field. She said she saw him try to play catch with other children near the field. Court documents said Ellison tried to follow her near the stands of the field but she ran toward her mother.

The girl’s dad told deputies he had approach Ellison a second time and called Crime Check. Court documents said during the confrontation, Ellison reached for an item in his waistband that looked like the butt of a handgun. He told the girl’s dad he was there to see his son play.

When a deputy contacted Ellison, he stood by his story that he was there to meet his son. He also said, “I didn’t touch the girl….I thought it was my daughter.” Court documents said he was there to meet his ex-wife and daughter at a softball game, but he could not remember his ex-wife’s name.

Court documents said Ellison had an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant with an original charge of malicious mischief and money laundering. He also had a warrant for assault out of Spokane, according to court records.

After being booked into jail at around 8:20 p.m., a deputy was told Ellison was involved in an assault in the jail. Officials said while he was in a holding cell with other inmates, they were talking and some of the inmates began laughing at him because of his charges. Witnesses said he got angry and hit another inmate in the mouth with his elbow, breaking his tooth and cutting his lip. Additionally, he was charges with fourth degree assault.