SPOKANE, Wash --- Two local women have family members in flooded areas of Texas, and they said they wish their families would have evacuated so they would know if they were safe or not.

Macie Trout’s family lives in Aransas Pass, Texas and Jace Lee’s mom lives about 20 minutes away in Rockport, Texas. Both of these towns have been hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Trout and Lee said it is hard to watch their home towns get turned upside down, especially Trout, who moved from Texas a few weeks ago.

Trout and Lee said both of their mom’s did not want to leave their animals behind, so they decided to wait it out.

“They waited too long to evacuate, I suppose. But I don’t think they wanted to. They’re pretty home body. That’s their place, they’re staying,” said Trout.

“She has two horses and a lot of cats and three dogs. There wasn’t enough room to take them and she did not want to leave them behind. So she figured she’d just wait it out. She’s never evacuated for anything anyway so she’s a tough lady,” said Lee.

Contact between them and their families was cut off on Friday.

“While I was talking to her on the phone a tree fell and hit the roof, and then she had to go. And I haven’t heard from her ever since,” said Lee.

Hurricane Harvey came and went, while Lee and Trout watched devastating photos of what used to be their home flood their Facebook feed.

“My grandparents’ house is right next to my house. The neighbor’s house that was next to my grandparents is now inside their house,” said Trout.

There is not reliable cell phone service in the affected areas. It has been nearly impossible to contact their families. Trout said she knew her mom was safe though, she would not believe it any other way.

“I couldn’t see her not being alive. So I just knew she was alive. I couldn’t have that in my head thinking she wasn’t,” said Trout.

Before KREM met with Trout Monday morning, she received a text from her mom.

“She just said she was safe. That’s all she said. Literally just one text. That’s all I needed. And I texted her ‘ok I love you’,” said Trout.

Jace got word from her brother on Sunday that her mom was safe, but she has not heard anything since.

“It’s been really hard to process it. Being all the way up here, there’s nothing you can do really,” said Lee.

Both women said they think their moms made the wrong decision by not evacuating.

Lee and Trout said they feel helpless by not being with their families. They are doing what they can in Spokane by encouraging others to send their support to help rebuild their home towns.