SPOKANE, Wash. -- In December, the 2018 Spokane's Women's March scheduled for January 21 was canceled, until a very determined woman stepped up.

When Cynthia Hamilton found out the Spokane's Women's March was canceled this year she said her phone started ringing off the hook.

“The question was always what are you going to do?” said Hamilton. “I think I was the only one that said okay!”

Hamilton and her small team are preparing for a Women's Persistence March on January 21 that starts at 1:00 p.m. in Downtown Spokane.

Organizing a city wide march in less than a month may seem complicated but for Hamilton the reasons are simple.

“Every voice needs to be heard and that is the whole point of the march. To give them a nice place to safely be outside and cheer, be exuberant or shout whatever their message is because it is America,” said Hamilton.

The expected costs for the march are over $27,000. This includes renting the Convention Center and fees for the march. Hamilton has already invested thousands of her own money, but is depending on donation from her community for the rest. In 2017, the Convention Center saw 8,000 people and she hopes for a similar turnout.

“We didn't have enough time to set up a business. We are not an set up organization but just a group of citizens,” she said.

Hamilton has set up a PayPal account to help pay for the march. She said all of the proceeds will go directly to making the event happen. You can donate directly here.