SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- Defensive Reality held a public “Active Shooter Presentation” Wednesday night.

The owners of Defensive Reality said they are heartbroken over the tragedies that have happened over the past few weeks. They decided to try and educate people about what they can do in active shooter situations.

The presentation was held at Defensive Reality’s training center in Nine Mile Falls.

Defensive Reality is a personal defense and firearms training company. They try to help people live their everyday lives more confidently through training them physically.

Officials said most active shooter incidents last five minutes or less. The average police response time is a little more than ten minutes. This makes it very important for people who are there to know what to do.

In the Freeman High School shooting and the Las Vegas shooting, police could not make it to the scene before the situation was over. Experts at Defensive Reality said unarmed civilians have played a big role in these shootings by the help they give.

Between 2014-2015, there were 20 active shooter incidents across the country. The northwest saw five of those incidents, and six of the 20 were in educational facilities.

“People are scared right now and we cannot keep everyone safe from every situation, but we can give them the tools they need to recognize and avoid violent interactions, gain control, make distance and get to safety,” said Katy Brown, president of Defensive Reality.

The presentation focused on places to run, hide, fight, as well as how to interact with law enforcement once they are on the scene.

The Superintendent of Nine Mile School District and the fire chief of Stevens County District 1 attended the event to support the community.