SPOKANE, Wash. – Volunteers with a group that helps feed homeless people in Spokane said Monday they have been hassled by a nearby business over parking.

Blessings Under The Bridge serves a meal to Spokane’s homeless community every Wednesday night downtown. On Monday, two volunteers were towed for parking on the wrong side of a parking lot at the nonprofit's drop off location. Both must pay $300 each to get their cars back – making that volunteering experience extremely expensive.

Davi Lang and Lisa Savino took time out of their day to volunteer, only to have their cars towed. They said only after having their cars towed did they find a sign that said customer parking only. The women said their cars were towed within 30 minutes of them parking there.

The issue stems from a dispute over parking between Blessing's drop off location and a business next to it located on Sprague. The drop off location is where the nonprofit accepts donations and prepares meals to give away to homeless only – they do not serve the homeless out of that location.

The buildings are connected by a wall, but a cinder block and rope recently put up by the business next to the nonprofit divides the parking lot.

Mike Kovac, the co-founder of Blessing Under The Bridge said the issue has been very difficult.

“It’s really difficult when you don’t know if someone is coming to drop something off or not. They see Blessings Under The Bridge they want to donate clothing or whatever, it’s not a clear indication to come in there or not.”

Members of the nonprofit said the situation over parking continues to escalate and having two volunteers’ cars towed Monday made things go from bad to worse.

KREM 2 News spoke with the business and they said off camera they were sick of people driving through their lot and blocking their garage doors. They said they would consider putting up more no parking signs.

For Kovac, he just wants to let bygones be bygones and just move forward.

“I’ll keep my people from parking over there, but in return I ask that you be a little bit kinder.”