SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane mother's Facebook post, shared over 1,500 times, caused controversy concerning the safety of rides at the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

The child was riding on the Dragon Roller Coaster when the situation took a scary turn Monday.

Stephanie Tyre said she rushed to rescue her 4-year-old daughter Kinsey, who she said was hanging by her legs from the ride by the time it stopped.

Tyre posted her experience to Facebook saying her daughter's body "jerked and flew over the edge."

Now, the company in charge of the rides is investigating to see how this happened.

"Safety is what it's all about, we don't want anybody hurt, I am extremely unhappy when I see the pictures that, if that little girl got that from this ride, then I want to find out why," said Jim Hall with Butler Amusement management.

Hall said the ride operator at the time said this could have all happened as she threw her hands up in the air, letting go of the bar.

Hall said Butler Amusement added seat belts to the ride a few years ago as a safety precaution.

"It's in tact, the seat belts close and lock," said Hall.

Hall said there is no way the girl could have been hanging from her feet but it could have appeared that way as the girl's mother struggled to get her out of her seat belt.

Many people on Facebook said the rides at the fair are not safe at all, but Hall disagreed.

"The ride is safe to run, it is good to operate and we do not have any problems with that," he said. "I just want everybody to come and enjoy the Spokane fair it's a wonderful fair, it's a great place to be," said Hall.

Butler Amusement said the rides go through several layers of inspections by not only the ride operators on a day-to-day basis, but also Washington Labor and Industries once a year.