SPOKANE, Wash. – A local family reached out to KREM 2 News on Friday for help in finding the recipient of a heart transplant procedure from back in August.

The message was written by the family in the voice of Maliki Ryan Wilburn Cheyney, a 17-month old boy who died in August. His stepfather Joseph Davis is accused of abusing the little boy so badly, he died of his injuries.

“I passed away on August 29, 2016 at Sacred Heart Hospital due to a brain injury. I was 17 months old and had a very strong heart which was donated to a little girl around the same age who lives somewhere on the west coast,” the message wrote.

Cheyney's mom, Dacia, posted the message on Facebook on Thursday and it has been shared more than 1,000 times. She said they do not have a lot of information about the family and are depending on social media to help them.

The operation to remove the heart was done on August 31, the message wrote.

"Being in the hospital and know that I wasn't going to be able to put my son to bed again or hold him in that way again, knowing that its going to make it to where another mother will be able to do that, and gets to take her baby home and finish that life story," said Cheyney.

In order for Cheyney to meet her son's recipient, she will need to send a letter to LifeCenter Northwest, the organization that pairs organ donors with a match. They will then get the letter to that family. The family then gets to decide whether or not to meet. She said, if they are willing, she would travel any distance to meet that little girl.