DEER PARK, Wash -- It has been almost four weeks since the tragic shooting at Freeman Hugh school and students throughout the league continue to show their support in subtle ways during athletic events by wearing the Freeman strong warm up t-shirts, blue wrist tape, stickers on football helmets and ribbons in their hair.

The Deer Park volleyball team left a beautiful bouquet of white roses in the locker room for the Freeman girls Tuesday night.

Two of the victims of the shooting do play on the volleyball teams at Freeman High School. Jordan Goldsmith in on varsity and Gracie Jensen on junior varsity both have not yet returned to the court and did not play Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, Deer Park girls soccer played a game against Freeman and showed up in their Freeman strong t-shirts and had signs that they stuck in the grass. The whole Northeast A league purchased Freeman Strong t-shirts two weeks ago to show support during athletic event but the girls had a special way of showing their support by writing messages on back of the shirts.

Right before the game started, the Deer Park girls handed their t-shirts with messages on the back to the Freeman girls team. It was a touching way to start the game here at Deer Park.

The Freeman Athletic Director said the are trying to move away from the formal presentations of support before each game in an effort to get back into the normal athletic routine.