SPOKANE, Wash. – It was a bucket list item turned love story for one couple at the Garth Brooks concert Saturday night.

BoDean Baeschlin proposed to his girlfriend Amy Gilliam at the concert and she said yes!

Baeschlin said about four months ago he learned that seeing Brooks in concert was on Gilliam’s bucket list of artists she had to see in concert. When he heard that the country singer was coming to Spokane, he knew he was going to propose at the concert. Baeschlin said he can't wait to share his life with her.

"So many people fall in love for the wrong reasons or don't necessarily fall in love at all and just have someone in their life to fill a void. I know I have been there and more times than not have never felt a true connection with someone," he explained. "With this woman, I get to fall in love all over again every single day and we bring joy and happiness to one another's lives. I for one have never experienced such a strong and powerful feeling before in my life."

While Brooks was singing “Unanswered Prayers,” Baeschlin got down on one knee and proposed. The couple went to the concert with a few friends who were in on his plan and they took pictures and video of the moment.

Baeschlin said his new fiance was beside herself. She said the proposal could not have been more perfect.

The couple has been together for six months and they have known each other for two years.