SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane teenager is now the Junior Male Boxing champion. This makes 16-year-old Patrick Cody Jr. one of the best boxers in the nation.

He is trained by his father, Patrick Cody Sr., who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite his diagnosis, Patrick Sr. continues to be an involved single father to his three children. Boxing is a family sport for the Codys. Patrick Sr. was a fighter and passed down his legacy to both his son and his daughter who both wrestle for Spokane’s Lewis and Clark High School. Patrick Sr. not only coaches and trains his own children, but other children in the community at the Howard Street Boxing Club.

Patrick Jr. said much of his strength and determination came from watching his father fight cancer. Patrick Sr. gave Patrick Jr. a pair of gold boxing gloves after his seventh round of chemotherapy. Patrick Jr. said he felt proud to wear the gloves around his neck because it serves as a reminder of his dad during a fight.

Patrick Jr. is able to travel and compete because of donations from his community to his father’s Directly To page at http://directlyto.org/projects/patrick-cody-survival-wishes/.

Patrick Sr. said he would like to travel with and support his son while he still can. Patrick Jr.’s win at the Junior Male Boxing Championships got him one step closer to his dream of competing in the 2020 Olympic Games.