SPOKANE, Wash --- Animal shelters in Spokane are partnering with shelters in Texas to take in pets rescued from the floods after Hurricane Harvey.

Before shelters can take the animals in, they have to make room by adopting out the animals that are already in the shelters. SpokAnimal is supposed to get 40 this week and the Spokane Humane Society is getting some this weekend too.

They will need to be ready when “Wings of Rescue” brings in the displaced animals.

“We actually do this quite frequently, so for us this is just more of a natural process. We’re used to this. The planes that we get normally have anywhere between 40 and 60 animals on it,” said SpokAnimal Development Director Dori Peck.

Peck said Wednesday, 21 pets were adopted, 16 of them were dogs.

“It’s really helps us clean out our shelter to make room for more animals,” said Peck.

Peck said that many adoptions in one day is typical when pets are rescued from a disaster.

“Of course, anytime there’s an immediate need, people get that sense of urgency and they jump in to help. So, I would say when they come in, it will be a pretty big rush,” said Peck.

Wings of Rescue is expected to transport about 40 animals to SpokAnimal next week. When those pets are ready for adoption, all their information will be posted on Spokanimal.org.

Peck said you should act quickly when the time comes, because adoptions are on a “first come first served” basis.

“If you love that animal, someone else might too. So, you want to make sure you’re first in line to get them,” said Peck.

The Spokane Humane Society will be partnering with a pet shelter in San Antonio. They expect to receive about 40 dogs that have been displaced because of Hurricane Harvey. These pets will arrive at the Spokane Humane Society the first weekend in September, and the humane society is making room for these animals. If you are unable to adopt or foster one of the animals, the humane society is asking for donations.

PHOTO: Spokane Humane Society