SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Almost a dozen roads across Spokane County have been closed due to flood waters as of 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

Here’s a list of all the closures:

Northern Spokane Co. (District 1)

  • Black Road from Darknell Rd. to Madison Rd.
  • Conklin Road from Deer Creek Rd. to Tallaman Rd.
  • Ross Creek Road from Blanchard Rd. to the Pend Oreile County line in Idaho

Watch Areas:

  • Jackson Rd. at Bowman Rd. (small washout)
  • Jackson Rd. at Laurel Rd. (water across road)
  • Colbert Rd. at Yale Rd. (water across road)
  • Woolard Road between Yale Rd. and Bernhill Rd. at the bridge over creek
  • Westmoreland Road, ¼ mile west of HWY 2 (water about to crest over road)

Southeast Spokane Co. (District 2)

  • Elder Road from Jackson Rd. to Madison Rd. (culverts and road washed out.)
  • Bradshaw Road from Starr Rd. to Idaho State Line
  • Chapman Road from 12711 S. Chapman Rd. to HWY 27.
  • Harvard Road between Elder Rd. and Stringham Rd. (Detour: Stringham Rd. to Molter Rd. to Elder Rd.)

Watch Areas:

  • Downing Rd. south of Cheney-Spangle Rd. (water running down road)
  • Elder Rd. at Jackson Rd.
  • Darknell Rd. at Rattlers Run Rd.
  • N. Kentuck Trails Rd.

West Spokane Co. (District 3)

  • Graham road from Salnave Rd. north to dead end
  • High Bridge Park Road from A Street to 11th Avenue (closed due to excessive ice buildup and deep ruts in the road.)

Watch Areas:

  • White Road from HWY 902 to Craig Rd.
  • Lance Hill Road from HWY 904 to Pine Springs Rd.
  • Harrison Road at Cornwall Rd.
  • West Moreland Road, ¼ west of HWY 2 (water is within a couple inches of cresting over the road)

Valley, Mt. Spokane foothills, and Liberty Lake (District 4)

Watch Areas:

  • Bill Gulch is washing out about ½ mile in from HWY 206. (some repairs made, but will req. constant maintenance)
  • Scribner and Scribner branch
  • Chapman and 44th (water over the road)
  • Temple off of Forker (large volume of water)
  • Foothills off of Forker (large volume of water)
  • Jacobs off of Forker
  • Miner off of HWY 206
  • Jamiseon, East end of road
  • Liberty Dr. in Liberty Lake
  • East Newman Lake Drive between Starr Rd. and the resort.

Spokane County Commissioners declared a state of emergency Thursday afternoon due to the road issues. The emergency declaration will allow the Public Works Department to obtain emergency supplies and equipment to mitigate the flood damage to roads and bridges.

As of Monday, that state of emergency was still in effect, and public works staff were on call. Officials told KREM 2 they were also keeping an eye on local bridges.