SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Spokane County leaders have closed several roads due to washouts and flooding.

The County Board of Commissioners declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to the issues on roadways.

Latest closures (as of Thursday):

  • Burnett Road from Dover Road north to Dover Road south (Flooding with deep water)
  • Crestview Road from Cedar Road to Viewmont Road (Impassable due to deep mud)
  • Burnett Road from Four Mound Road east to Dover Road north (Impassable due to deep mud)
  • Harvard Branch Road east of Harvard Road north of Stoughton Road (Deep water across the road and several washouts)
  • Graham Road from Salnave Road south to Baker Road (Water across road and impassable mud)
  • Antler Road from Cedar Road to Austin Road (Impassable due to mud)
  • South Jackson Road off Jackson Road south of Laurel Road in Elk (Water running down one lane of road washing it out)