SPOKANE, Wash. --- After the Police Department moved their precinct to Downtown Spokane, many people wanted to know how the move impacted crime statistics in Spokane.

It has been about nine months since the police department moved from the STA Plaza to the train and bus depot.

The SPD said that while their physical location has moved, their policing strategies have not.

“Our deployment has not changed, we take a look at things on the daily/weekly basis and determine where we need to put our people and the projects we need to be working on,” said Downtown Precinct Captain, Brad Arleth.

KREM 2 looked at the latest Spokane Police CompStat Report, which tracks crime numbers throughout the city.

Rape is down 21.43 percent.

Aggravated assault domestic violence is down 28.57 percent.

Aggravated assault non-domestic violence is up 6.25 percent, compared to this time last year.

However, commercial robberies are up 400 percent, and robbery is up 6.25 percent.

The reason commercial robberies jumped to 400 percent, is because there were five commercial robberies in Downtown Spokane this year, compared to just one commercial robbery last year.

“I think we are sitting at 5 or 6 for the year downtown, I wish it was less, but it is not like an epidemic where we have armed bandits going in and robbing stores,” commented Captain Arelth.

For property crime in Downtown Spokane, residential burglary is down 14.29 percent, commercial burglary is down 36.59 percent.

Vehicle theft, however, is up 38.46 percent.

Downtown Spokane has had 54 vehicle thefts this year, compared to 39 vehicle thefts last year.

“The vehicle theft increase, we have seen that across the City this year and when I have looked at the incidents downtown, primarily we are still seeing a lot of those mid-90s Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus you know into the early 2000 models,” said Captain Arelth.

Captain Arleth said officers in Downtown Spokane also work with businesses and apartment buildings and give them tips on crime prevention.

Spokane City officials said the precinct move would help reduce vandalism costs at the train and bus depot.

So far this year, city officials said they have only had one case of vandalism since the precinct moved in.