SPOKANE, Wash. – A Kettle Falls man is frustrated after getting a red-light ticket in the mail for a car that he says is not his.

Kenneth Toney said he was shocked at what was in his mailbox this week.

"A citation for running a red light at 1:59 in the morning on October 10th, which I was in bed at the time in Kettle Falls three hours away and had been for hours," Toney said.

Toney said he checked the photos and video that came with the ticket.

"It's not my vehicle. Look it up, you can Google a 1984 Ford Pickup in two seconds and know that you made a mistake," Toney said.

So how did he end up with the ticket? He thinks it has to do with the fact that one number of the license plate is blocked by a trailer hitch. He thinks whoever issued the ticket just guessed and said they guessed wrong.

"I was not there and it wasn't my vehicle and if the officer that signed his name to the ticket had taken a couple of seconds and just googled a 1984 Ford pickup he would've known instantly that it was not the tail lights on a 1984 Ford pickup," Toney explained.

Spokane Police officials said they do review the red-light tickets but in this case, it appears a mistake was made. When they re-ran the license plate with another likely number, it came back with a similar truck but not the one that belongs to Kenneth. Police said his ticket will likely be dismissed.