SPOKANE, Wash. – Perhaps the most talked about topic on social media after the second presidential debate on Sunday was a man named Ken Bone. The 34-year-old asked a question during the debate, and the internet has not stopped talking about him. All that attention made its way to another man that goes by the same name – former Washington State University basketball coach, Ken Bone.

The debate Ken Bone, is not the former WSU head basketball coach Ken Bone.

There is no resemblance, but that does not matter. Both now have a swarm of new twitter followers.

For the former Washington State University basketball coach, the jokes started immediately.

“I’ve heard from a number of friends, that’s for sure,” Bone, the coach, said.

One follower tweeted “Listen, coach. You’ve gotta start using your twitter.”

He must have noticed that the coach has not been active on his page for more than a year.

Another fan’s post let everyone know that a new Ken Bone has taken the number one spot as Mr. Bone.

Coach Bone said he does not mind the attention, but hopes it will die down soon. He also said he was honored to share the same name with the famous debate questioner.

“He’s a real celebrity,” Bone said.

While many people have bypassed the other Ken Bone’s energy question, he told CBS he hopes his new ticket to fame encourages people to take more interest in the political scene.

People in Spokane will be seeing a lot more of Coach Bone. He recently left the University of Montana to accept a coaching job on Gonzaga’s staff.