SPOKANE, Wash. – Law enforcement testified for the second day in a row in the murder trial against a man who intervened with a domestic violence situation back in July 2015.

Edward Bushnell is charged with murder after shooting and killing William Poindexter. Bushnell intervened when he saw Poindexter assaulting his girlfriend.

A lot of time in court was spent going over small details about what happened at 5th and Altamont in July of 2015. That's where Bushnell saw Poindexter push his girlfriend to the ground and slam her head against a fence. Bushnell intervened and the two got into a confrontation.

There has been a lot of discussion over a small wooden bat Poindexter was carrying and whether or not he hit Bushnell with it. In court Thursday, the bat was shown to the jury. They also saw items recovered from Bushnell's backpack after a police search. Including the handgun, Bushnell allegedly used to shoot Poindexter. He died from two gunshot wounds to his back. A detective also held up two knives Bushnell had on him when he approached Poindexter and his girlfriend.

Thursday afternoon the prosecution played Bushnell's initial interview with detectives. Every law enforcement officer who has testified so far has said Bushnell was cooperative and calm at the scene that day.

The prosecution does not expect to rest their case until Monday.