This week brought the first snowfall of the year to the people in Denver, Colorado.

Winter came early to Eastern Idaho and Montana. September snowfall created a winter wonderland out some local mountain passes before the fall season even officially began.

So, if you live in Spokane, you may be looking to the sky asking the question, "Hey, when will it start snowing here? How early is too early for snow??"

Let's take a look at our snow stats:

The earliest it has ever snowed in Spokane was in September, back in the 1920s. We do not really expect the real deal until at least mid-November. But, a trace amount of snow has been recorded many times as early as October in the 2000s. Measurable snowfall is considered half an inch and above.

Since 1970, earliest measurable snowfall was 0.7" on October 12, 2001. Since 1900, earliest measurable snowfall was 1.4" on September 23, 1926.

If you'll remember, Snowpacolypse in 2008-09 still holds the record for snowiest Spokane winter with more than 90 inches of snow.

Last winter, 2016-17, Spokane was one of the snowiest cities in the country. We had more snow than Buffalo, Boston and Minneapolis.

Spokane snow 2016-2017

There is no snow in Spokane's forecast this week.

The Storm Tracker 2 Team will continue to monitor the long-rage models very closely. Tom Sherry’s Winter Forecast will air in early November. It will have the most complete and updated long range winter forecast in the area.