SPOKANE, Wash. – The INB Performing Arts Center in Downtown Spokane rolled out a new security plan on Friday night.

Visitors will now have to go through metal detectors and have their large bags searched at the door. INB leaders said recent high-profile shootings is the reason they feel the need for more security.

"It's kind of nerve raking that they have to do this, but at the same time for them to be willing to go out of their way and do it is kind of a nice feeling," said INB visitor April Ostlie.

Ostlie and her family come to the INB four or five times a year. But Friday night was the first time they went through the screening process.

"I don't necessarily think about that kind of stuff happening here. We're not like New York or any of those places. With Seattle just getting what happened to them, it does make you realize it can happen anywhere at any time," said Ostlie.

The Cascade Mall shooting is just one of the reasons for the extra security. Organizers said in this day and age, you cannot be too safe. To help people adjust to the changes, officials said it is best to only bring essential items with you. Of course, leave all weapons at home, including guns, pocket knives and pepper spray. If you bring a camera other than your phone, it has to fit in your front pants pocket.

People said they did not have to wait in line for longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Moving forward, the INB expects waits times to get longer. They suggest arriving at least a half hour before your event.