SPOKANE, Wash. -- Soccer games and softball games over the weekend at Franklin Park tend to bring in quite the crowd. This results in drivers parking illegally on Whitehouse Street, which is creating some safety concerns for residents who live next to the park.

Ryan Borden and her family have lived at their home on Whitehouse Street for about six years, and in that time the illegal parking continues to get worse.

"My neighbor across the way gets blocked in all the time," Borden said. "They'll partially block her in, so she's having to flag people down."

During weekend sporting events at the park, Borden said cars not only park illegally on the street, but some even drive right up onto the grass.

"I wouldn't want my children's life to be in danger because someone's parking is in the way of emergency response to come and help them," Borden said.

Borden has called the city's customer service line and crime check and said parking officers have come out to issue parking tickets. But that just doesn't seem to deter drivers from parking illegally.

When KREM 2 asked the city what can be done to solve this. They said residents should continue to report illegal parking and they will send out one of its 18 parking officers to issue tickets.

KREM 2 also asked if the Parks and Recreation Department could spread out sporting events throughout the week. They said the department is already doing this since park usage is in such high demand.

KREM 2 even told the city about Borden's suggestion of creating more parking spaces on the property of the park, or painting the curbs in the no parking zones red. As of 5:00 p.m. Friday, the city had not responded.