SPOKANE, Wash. – The Ice Ribbon in Riverfront Park has attracted people of all ages but staff wants people to know some of the ground rules before they hit the ice.

In a traditional ice rink, you will find experienced skaters showing off their moves. If you are looking to do something like that, the Ice Ribbon is not for you. The posted rules say there is no jumping, spinning or skating backwards.

The pod was created for beginners to test the waters. Free ice skating lessons will be held in that area every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The incline and decline feature also came as a surprise for some beginners but most got the hang of it quickly.

A couple of kinks are still left to figure out. You might recognize the rental skates from the old location. Staff said new skates were bought and the rink is making room for the new gear.

The Grand opening was just the beginning of a season full of events at the Ice Ribbon, from weekly yoga on ice to themed dance nights.