SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A man is facing an assault charge after deputies said he posed as his wife online, met up with her boyfriend and hit him with a crowbar.

Frank Boisseranc, 23, was arrested Thursday for second degree assault with a weapon.

Court documents said the victim, Arthur Steiner, had received a Facebook message from Boisseranc’s wife, who he had been in a sexual relationship with. The message requested that Steiner go to their usual meet up location in the alleyway off East 13th Avenue and South Houk Road.

Court records state that Steiner showed up to the location and was greeted by Boisseranc and they got into an argument. Steiner told deputies Boisserance pepper sprayed him and hit him across the back and left shoulder with either a crowbar or tire iron. He then went home and had his mother call 911.

Boisseranc then called Crime Check and requested to talk to law enforcement about the assault after he learned police were looking for him, according to court records. Boisseranc admitted to deputies that he had posed as his wife and sent messages to Steiner after learning she had been cheating on him. He also admitted to pepper spraying but denied hitting him with a blunt object.

Boisserance made his first court appearance Friday afternoon. His bond was set at $10,000.