SPOKANE, Wash. – Leaders of the House of Charity in Downtown Spokane said Tuesday a loss of funding could result in the shutdown of the shelter by May 1.

House of Charity officials said there has not been funding identified to maintain service beyond April 20. They said this will result in a reduction of hours of operation at the shelter. Shelter leaders said it is not clear what hours during the day or what daily meals they will be open for after May 1.

Charity leaders said three new 50 unit supportive housing projects have been opened in recent years and two more are under construction with another 50 unit complex already awarded for 2018.

“The plan to build a permanent apartment for all of our region’s homeless is still in place and the funds to build those projects, coming from IRS tax credits, is also still in place, but unfortunately, by law, those funds cannot be used or diverted to run the homeless shelters,” according to a news release from Catholic Charities.

Shelter officials said if they shut down more than 200 men and women who have been getting 24/7 sheltering will be forced to go back out on the streets.

Leaders of Catholic Charities will hold a press conference Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in the House of Charity Chapel to discuss the situation and its impact on Spokane, the county and Spokane Valley.