SPOKANE, Wash. -- Neighbors in the Peaceful Valley neighborhood are feeling optimistic.

After weeks of complaints about trash, fights and needles the city started clearing out a homeless camp in the area but another one has popped up under the Maple Street Bridge.

Residents in the Peaceful Valley area said it is a nice neighborhood, but when you get underneath the Maple Street Bridge, the area is anything but nice.

"This has definitely been the worst it's ever been," said Ashley Casto.

Casto has lived this area for about 4 years. She said the homeless camp there had never really been a problem up until the last few months.

"We would hear them throughout the night making noise, coughing and hacking and yelling at each other," she said.

Casto said she has called Crime Check to report the disturbances so many times they know her by first name. But nothing has been done.

"It's very frustrating because we look out on this hill every day. It's our home we love it down here and it's a nice neighborhood. But this is the one thing that has been super frustrating," Casto explained.

KREM 2 spoke with the city's communication director of neighborhood and business services to find out if there are plans in the near future to clean up the spot. As of Tuesday evening, they have not yet been able to confirm that information.

City leaders said if you do have a homeless camp to report you should call the city customer service line which is 311.