SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Ryan Holyk family agreed to a $1 million settlement instead of going to trial next Monday.

Holyk died while riding his bike at East Sprague Avenue and North Vista Road in Spokane Valley on May 23, 2014. Both the Spokane County Sheriff and attorney's for Holyk's family said they were ready to go to trial.

"I feel that this should've gone to trial because that is the only way that the facts ultimately come out in totality," said Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

"Myself, as a trial lawyer, I would have loved to try this case, I would've loved the jury to see all this evidence," said the Holyk family's attorney Mike Maurer.

Both sides disagree on what happened that night. Origin Forensics completed a review of the case and created a video reconstruction that shows Holyk fell over his handle bars, but was not hit by Deputy Joe Bodman as the deputy was driving along Sprague responding to a separate call. The Sheriff's Office maintains Deputy Bodman never hit Holyk.

An expert hired by the family's attorney came to a different conclusion and created a video recreation showing Holyk was hit by the deputy's patrol car. Although both sides disagree on Holyk's cause of death, both sides do hope this settlement will bring closure for everyone involved.

"We need to keep in mind that after all the evidence, after all the investigation, after all the back and forth that has gone on, this involves the death of a young boy who was a son, who was a brother, who was friends to hundreds of people," said Maurer.

SCSO said the settlement was for less than what the Holyk family originally sought. They said the Tuesday announcement closed the civil case.

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Bodman was given a written reprimand for not having his lights on that night.