SPOKANE, Wash. – The Historic Davenport is honoring one employee who is celebrating his 75th year working at the hotel.

Jon Reed first started at the hotel in 1942 as a busboy working for 35 cents an hour.

Now, Reed works as the head doorman four days a week and has become a Spokane staple.

The Historic Davenport celebrated his 75 years of service by renaming a conference room after him.

"I can't help be overwhelmed by it," Reed said. "I got a good bunch of people to work with."

During his 75 years, Reed has met people from all over the world. He said the guests he talks with enjoy their visit to the city.

"I've had a lot of them say you live in the best part of the world right here in Spokane," Reed said.

Hotel representatives said Reed knows every nook and cranny of the building better than anyone and has a job at The Historic Davenport as long as he wants.