SPOKANE, Wash. — We have continued follow the case involving a violent sexual predator released to the Spokane area in 2016, David McCuistion.

McCuistion was served an eviction notice in June at his apartment building in downtown Spokane because his landlord was worried about the publicity the building received.

At a hearing Friday, a judge approved McCuistion’s request to move. He is moving from the New Washington Apartments to a new building on Lincoln and Sharp, just under a mile and a half away.

Documents said he can move to the new apartments as early as Tuesday. Based on court documents, the new building looks like a better fit for the level three sex offender.

When the Department of Corrections evaluated the New Washington Apartments, it had grave concerns and noted rules prohibiting visitors and drugs were not enforced.

However, the DOC report for McCuistion's move recommends the apartments on Lincoln. The building has four security cameras, is drug and alcohol free, has strict conditions tenants must follow, and onsite managers who monitor residents. The apartments on Lincoln are typically for people who have recently been released from prison, according to the report.

McCuistion still has to follow all of his release conditions. For example, he has a curfew and has to be home between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., is monitored by GPS, and he is required to submit a planned schedule of activities every week that has to be reviewed and approved by his transition team. So if he goes anywhere or wants to have contact with anyone, he needs to have it approved per his release conditions.

McCuistion is also not allowed to have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 or frequent any locations that cater to children. It is noted in the DOC report that his new apartment is close to several schools, child care facilities, churches, and parks.

Documents show McCuistion also underwent a forensic psychological evaluation and despite scoring in the "well above-average range of risk of sexual re-offense," the psychologist thought he no longer met the criteria to be considered a sexually violent predator. The psychologist said that finding was based on how well McCuistion is doing during treatment and that his sexual violence was linked with alcohol. As part of his release conditions and treatment plan, he is no longer drinking or using marijuana.

However, the court concluded he is still a sexually violent predator.