A Spokane historian has written a book on haunted places in Spokane. In true Halloween spirit, KREM 2 is sharing excerpts from Chet Caskey's book Haunted Spokane: Ghosts & Dark Places in the Lilac City.

On August 4, 1889, the Great Fire of Spokane roared through the city. It quickly moved the city with its eyes set on Our Lady of Lourdes Church, previously located on West Main Avenue.

The church was in the center of 32-square block burn area. As the fire closed in on the church, Sister Mary Michael of the Angles fetched a holy relic of St. Amabilis of Riom. The parish priest threw it into the fire.

The flames went around the church, sparing the complex. But the fire destroyed nearby brothels, bars, and gambling parlors.

St. Amabilis is the patron saint of those wishing protection from fire. The morning after the fire, the icon of St. Amabilis was recovered intact and unburned.