A Spokane historian has written a book on haunted places in Spokane. In true Halloween spirit, KREM 2 is sharing excerpts from Chet Caskey's book Haunted Spokane: Ghosts & Dark Places in the Lilac City.

James Glover and his wife Susan moved from Portland, OR, to Spokane in 1873.

They lived in what we know today as The Glover Mansion.

The couple invested in real estate and quickly became millionaires. But soon after, James divorced Susan.

48 hours later, James married a younger woman and moved her into the couple's home.

Without a dime, Susan remained in Spokane openly speaking about the injustices done to her. That is until James had her arrested for a sanity hearing, where he was the only witness.

Susan was later admitted to a mental hospital, where she stayed for 22 years until her death.

It is rumored in her afterlife, the scorned woman continues to haunt James' grave to remind him of how he treated her.

It is also rumored she sometimes returns to the mansion, to roams the halls of her once happy home.

In an odd twist, today, the Glover Mansion is a popular location to tie the knot!