A Spokane historian has written a book on haunted places in Spokane. In true Halloween spirit, KREM 2 is sharing excerpts from Chet Caskey's book Haunted Spokane: Ghosts & Dark Places in the Lilac City.

The Bing Theater has two long-standing, often sighted ghost residents.

First, is a former stage manager who put in several, tiring hours at the theater. That is until he sat on a ottoman backstage to take a break where he died of a heart attack. He is still seen occasionally sitting on the divan in a theater's green room.

Second, is a female ghost known to pace the theater's balcony. When her young lover didn't meet her to run away together, she flung herself off the balcony. Or depending on who it telling the story, died of a broken heart.

Either way, she is known to still walk around the balcony, perhaps waiting for her long lost love to arrive.