SPOKANE, Wash.—Spokane finally received the apology it deserved.

On Thursday, the Guardian’s editors released a new article titled “In praise of Spokane, Washington: home of the Zags – and much more besides.”

Earlier this week, a Spokane-native named Cody Delistraty published an article with the Guardian titled “How Gonzaga became the central hope for the struggling city of Spokane.” The article was filled with inaccuracies and claimed Spokane was a city whose only hope was the success of a college basketball team.

“Dear Spokane, Washington. That Guardian owes you an apology,” the editors wrote.

The Guardian claimed Delistraty’s essay was intended to reflect on the success of the Gonzaga basketball team and draw on his own experience as a resident of Spokane.

“Cody wrote it well, and in good faith, and he made some strong judgments, and we liked it, so we lightly edited it and published it,” the editors wrote.

The editors referenced the influx of comments made by Washington news outlets. However, none of the quoted sources came from any Spokane news sources.

“We ran the piece, we’re responsible for it, and we accept the criticism,” the article reads.

Guardian editors said there were a few positives that came from the original piece being published. Spokane residents banded together to point out all the city offers; including natural scenery, changing seasons, the vibrant art scene and much more.

Dear Guardian Editors, we appreciate your apology. We would gladly meet you for a pint at the Iron Goat.