SPOKANE, Wash. – A good Samaritan stepped in when he heard a cry for help at a north Spokane McDonald’s on Sunday.

Logan Lingren was one of several people that tackled a stabbing suspect at the fast food restaurant.

“Someone was standing by the bathroom and they were calling for help, saying that somebody had a knife,” said Lingren.

Police said the suspect in the attack is Darrell McDuffee. They said McDuffee entered the bathroom at McDonald’s and slashed another man’s face with a knife.

Witnesses said McDuffee was lunging for them man’s stomach when Lingren and several others held him down.

“It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I just thought someone needed help so I helped,” said Lingren.

While these good Samaritans stopped what could have been a murder, police said they would rather people stay out of the way.

McDuffee faced a judge on Monday afternoon on charges of attempted murder.

McDuffee’s name has appeared in various newspaper articles over the years. In the mid-90’s, he was accused of trying to kill his own mother.

Another article states McDuffee was arrested after stealing a car and refusing to obey police.

At the same time, he was also featured on “Nebraska’s Most Wanted” for criminal warrants.

After finding out what type of guy he was dealing with, Lingren said he does not regret stepping in.

“I definitely thought to myself, it could have easily been me in the bathroom,” said Lingren. “I’m just glad I was able to help, I guess.”