SPOKANE, Wash. – On Saturday, the Gonzaga Bulldogs will play in their first Final Four game ever and the spotlight has made GU a talking point across the country.

Over the weekend, a quarter of a million people visited GU’s website and the school hopes to capitalize on the attention. Now more than ever, GU is getting all sorts of national exposure. The school’s marketing department recognizes that and they are not trying to let that opportunity go by.

The GU marketing gurus are hard at work.

“We’re top ranked in so many different ways,” David Sonntag the Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication said.

Ask anyone across the country about Gonzaga University and, not surprisingly, basketball will probably be the first thing they say.

Sonntag said, “people see that number one, and it’s sort of our job to fill in: what else is it about this place?”

After the Zags beat Xavier over the weekend, the number of people heading to gonzaga.edu swelled.

“We had record breaking traffic this past weekend,” Sonntag said.

Marketing is keeping a close eye on all things digital.

“What’s on our website? When people Google us, you arrive on the homepage,” Sonntag said.

Gonzaga is making sure to showcase student success stories and research stories online. The school is also running banner advertisements on some key websites as well.

“There’s a couple of really important reasons why we capitalize. One is: this University depends on private support. And we are in need particularly for student scholarships,” Sonntag said.

Another reason? Enrollment.

The school said they are now competing with other high caliber academic universities in the US when it comes to drawing in students. While the online profile is a big aspect, the marketing department is also working on Kennel Fest, a pregame rally in Phoenix before the fame.

You never know if prospective students and families could show up there too.

“This is the perfect time for us to be showing the excitement, showing all aspects of the University,” Sonntag said.