SPOKANE, Wash. -- Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few responded to an article written by a Spokane-native that claimed that his team was the only thing going for the City of Spokane.

Few was asked about the article at a press conference on Wednesday. He said he hadn’t read the article but seemed a little stunned he was asked about it.

“I thought this was a basketball press conference, now we’re getting into social issues,” Few joked.

Mark Few answers the question about the article around the 5 minute mark

The piece was written by Cody Delistraty for the Guardian. He made some points about the success of Gonzaga’s basketball program bringing the larger Spokane Community together. However, Delistraty followed by making several negative claims about the city, several of them with unattributed statistics and figures.

He said he believes that Spokane is phenomenal place to live and call home. Few said the city is key to his team’s success.

“The people are loyal and eager to have something to root for,” he said.

On top of all that, Few enjoys the city’s outdoor recreation, climate and the activities the city has to offer.

“The only bad time of year is when we’re in the gym six and a half days. Ironically it starts warming up right when the season gets over and cooling down right when the season starts,” Few explained.

He again explained he hadn’t read the article but from what he’s seen business and building around Spokane has been booming.

“It must be fake news,” he joked.