SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- Several Freeman High School sports teams played their first games since the shooting at their school. Support is being shown for them by opponents and fans alike.

KREM was at the Freeman girls’ soccer game Thursday against Newport High School to see how the team is handling the aftermath of the tragic shooting.

Before the game, the Newport team walked onto the field wearing “Freeman Strong” shirts, blue ribbons and held a sign showing their support for the school.

Newport officials said it was a joint decision by coaches, players and administration to do all this for Freeman.

Both teams got together before the game for a group picture to show their unity and support.

“And so, we just wanted to show that support and realize that we’re all together, the league. We do this every year. We start to know the kids and they come up to our place and we go down to their place. And that support is, I don’t know, it’s important. It’s a good lesson for our kids,” said the Newport girls’ soccer head coach.

KREM also went to Freeman's varsity girls' volleyball match on Thursday.

The volleyball match was held at Freeman's gym and played against Newport High School here as well.

Before the match, the teams exchanged red roses to show support for the Freeman community.