SPOKANE, Wash. – Former Spokane Mayor David Rodgers passed away at 93 on Tuesday.

Rodgers’ family was by his side as he passed away.

Rodgers was elected in 1967 and served until 1978. Rodgers was mayor when Spokane hosted Expo ’74, which ultimately led to the creation of Riverfront Park. Rodgers also served one year on the City Council.

“Our family appreciates all of the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes from the community during the difficult time,” said Rodgers’ son, Brian, one of six children, “the love and support is a great tribute.”

Outside of public office, Rodgers, a World War II veteran, enjoyed a 30-year career in the insurance industry. He also served 15 years as the first-ever deputy state insurance commissioner.

The City of Spokane and Mayor David Condon issued their condolences:

Cathy McMorris Rodgers also released kind words about the late former mayor:

"Our family and the City of Spokane grieve the passing of David H. Rodgers. He loved the people, the city, and the Inland Empire. It’s hard to think of Spokane without him. He will long be remembered and celebrated as a visionary leader who served as Mayor of Spokane including Expo '74. His optimism and vision for our community led a transformation of our city core that has impacted generations. He was a man whose integrity, work ethic and leadership inspired us all. He will be missed dearly," Rodgers said in a press release.