SPOKANE, Wash. — Five suspects are facing charges of first degree kidnapping after authorities believe a woman renting a room at a Motel 6 was dragged across a parking lot, taken to a wooded area North of Spokane, put into a “headlock” and beaten.

Authorities believe the suspects followed the victim and began banging on the window.

According to court documents, the main suspect is believed to be Cory Charles. Charles told the victim, “he was going to put holes into everybody.”

While in the woods, it is stated that one of the suspects told the victim she was being held as “collateral” because her friend owed them money.

At some point during the incident, police said the victim was ordered to call her friend. Court papers state the friend had called police and they were already searching for the victim.

“This situation rarely happens in Spokane,” Teresa Fuller with the Spokane Police Department said.

Documents show the suspects got word that police were involved. The suspects then had the victim call 911 to say it was a false report. Police decided to respond to the spot to verify the story. When they arrived, they found the victim and arrested the suspects.

“When you call 911 and hang up, unless we can totally verify over the phone everything is okay… we still send an officer to check,” Fuller said.

Authorities said this case required dozens of officers because of the amount of people involved.

“Because of that one call that night, we were fairly backed up in terms of other calls we had to deal with,” Fuller said.

Police eventually set up a perimeter where they tracked one of the getaway cars. Later on, police found the car with the victim. Authorities said the victim was shaken but otherwise okay.