SPOKANE, Wash.—Organizers of an old Spokane tradition waited for attendance numbers to roll in after their New Year celebration to see if the event would be able to continue.

First Night Spokane director, Nanette Miller said the number of people attending the event has been on the decline for the last few years.

Miller said this year was an event like First Night Spokane has not seen in previous years.

Miller said there were more events for various age groups, arts, performances and much more.

Organizers said they were hoping the change brought enough people to the event so it can continue for another year.

“It was amazing, everybody was packed. We had so much going on, people really came out and supported,” said Miller.

Over the next few weeks organizers will get numbers back from different venues to see how many people showed up.

If there were not enough people who showed up, there will not be enough money to hold the event again, according to Miller.