SPOKANE, Wash. –The Federal Emergency Management Agency is reimbursing the City of Spokane for $9.5 million to help cover the cost of the November windstorm, officials announced Friday.

The funding will be repaid in increments over the next several months to Spokane County Emergency Management.

“It’s very important to replenish the money that we didn’t anticipate using for this disaster,” said Gerry Bozarth, from Spokane County Emergency Management. He estimated the cost was double that of the 2008 snowstorm in Spokane.

Even though 11 months have passed, many people in Spokane are still making repairs on their homes.

"You can drive by my neighborhood and see this hideous blue tarp that is now shredding,” said WendySue Garber, a victim of the windstorm. “I want it to shred all the way off because it's embarrassing."

Garber has battled her insurance company for months, to no avail.

“I feel it’s degrading, an eyesore,” she said of her damaged home. “It’s gross.”

But the money from FEMA will not help Garber pay her bills; those funds are specifically designated to go to the county.

Earlier this summer, Washington Emergency Management Department reimbursed the City of Spokane for some of the cost of the windstorm.