SPOKANE, Wash. -- It has been six months since a Montana woman was found dead in the trunk of her car by the Spokane airport.

Before her death, Rita Maze called her family and told them she had been kidnapped at a rest stop. FBI officials said they are not searching for suspects but the case is still open. They said they are still waiting on lab results, which they estimated would take about six months, but those lab analysis still have not been completed.

Maze died from a single gunshot wound to the torso back in September. A law enforcement officials said investigators found no reason to suspect foul play. In December the FBI issued a release saying, "Based on the evidence gathered thus far – we are not actively seeking any suspects in this case. However, it should be noted that the investigation remains ongoing, pending the results of laboratory analysis."

Although the FBI does not believe anyone else was involved in her death, they have not come out and officially called it a suicide because they are waiting on lab results. They said they want to be extremely thorough before releasing any more information.

KREM 2 checked in with the Washington State Patrol Crime lab on Thursday. They said the lab in Cheney handled the initial crime scene and said their lab tests have been complete for months. So it is not results from tests run locally the FBI is waiting on.

The other elements of the case were sent to the national FBI Crime lab to be analyzed. Officials said the hold up there could simply be a backlog of cases. The FBI crime lab handles cases from all over the country. As for exactly what lab results they still waiting on and when they could be finished, the FBI could not give any answers.

The case is still open. FBI officials said they are continuing to actively pursue it.